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Garment Sourcing


 All garments distributed from S&S obtain a shipping fee of $25.00. This wholesaler offers 80 reputable brands ranging from a medium-high price range. This catalog offers the best options for headwear.


 SanMar obtains items similar to S&S except there is no shipping . This means more affordable wholesale garments and a shorter turnaround time on orders. This catalog offers the best options of T-shirts, work polos etc


 This wholesaler obtains close similarities to S&S in that the garments are virtually identical. There is similar shipping and overall, similar product. This is good site to look at if something is out of stock from the S&S catalog. 


 A standard wholesale catalog with similarities to both S&S and Alphabroder.


 This wholesale catalog only offers fleece garments and outerwear; hoodies, crewnecks, jackets, etc. Garments must be shipped through this website. These garments are high quality and completely worth the price. 


Have your own garments? Jets Embroidery accepts any on-hand garments. Please notify us when you are filling out the quote form.